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What's New at SWCA  
* Version 2014 of Avast has been released. The Avast Boot Scan FAQ is one of the most frequented pages, mostly due to referrals from Avast Support forums. Therefore, it is updated with new screen captures.
* Made a major rewrite to the Backup FAQ.  It hadn't been touched since Windows XP days.  It now includes virtualization options.
* Updated the RSS FAQ by removing references to outdated browsers and some dead links in the Further Reading section.
* Added some links to the Everyday Software FAQ; Kingsoft Office Suite and Lastpass.  Also refreshed some outdated links.
* Made a page Rational Discussions in the Personal/Humor section with a flow chart for having rational discussions.  It was posted to a list serve I subscribe to in an attempt to end a thread.  Naturally I wanted to have easy access to use it in the future, just as I do the Corporate Policy page.
* I  caved in to the growing Android rage.  To help sort through apps, news, and tips I started a new mailing list.  The sign up is on the Contact page.
* more...

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